Rideau Ward is located in the southern part of the City of Ottawa. Manotick, North Gower, Kars and Burritts Rapids are fast becoming destination points for those who enjoy life’s natural beauty at a slower pace. The Village of Manotick has 19th Century charm with its working stone mill sitting majestically on the banks of the Rideau River. The Village is proud of its many well-maintained parks, churches and quaint streets. There is the newly dedicated A.Y. Jackson Park in honour of the Group of Seven’s most famous artist who resided in the Village for some time.

North Gower is surrounded by large and small farms offering one the opportunity to step back in time when viewing the older churches – Anglican and United Churches. Saturday morning Farmers’ Market is a community event where friends and strangers alike enjoy the rural experience.

Kars sits on the Rideau with its back streets awaiting to be discovered by those who enjoy walking and viewing 19th Century architecture. There are two dock sites for boaters and fishermen to access the enjoyment of the Rideau River.

Burritt’s Rapids, the most southern part of the City of Ottawa, was a thriving 19th Century community. Christ Church located again near the Rideau River is a reminder of just how prosperous this, the oldest community in the City of Ottawa – 1792, existed.

Marlborough Forest is a naturalist’s delight. The 15,000 acres of diverse geography offers trails and many species of plants, birds and animals to be discovered and observed by those who want the adventure.

Rideau’s most attractive enticement is not its wooden, bricked or mortared buildings of the past, but its people. Rideau’s rural citizens are self-sustaining, independent, do-it-yourself residents who have time to welcome strangers and neighbours alike into their communities.


President: Victoria Clarke

Past President: Salima Ismail

Executive Member: Richard McDonald


Telephone: 613-692-6262

Email: drvmc2003@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Rideau Chamber of Commerce Box 247, Manotick Ontario K4M 1A3